Explore Parts Unknown is a mobile-first immersive guide featuring original stories and video, premium photography, and engaging interactives. Inspired by the Emmy-winning CNN Original Series Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, we’re recreating Bourdain’s journeys and diving deeper into the places, people, and stories he’s encountered.

Explore Parts Unknown is an editorial partnership between CNN and Roads & Kingdoms—an independent media company focused on food, politics, and travel based in New York and Barcelona. Together, we have built a digital universe for the Bourdain super-fan to learn what he knows, go where he went, eat what he ate, and see what he saw.

Born from Bourdain’s contagious passion for culture, food, travel, and adventure, Explore Parts Unknown highlights our shared obsessions: authentic food, culture, people, travel.

Explore Parts Unknown Staff

Courtney Brooks, Executive Editor
Pauline Eiferman, Director of Photography
Kaylee Hammonds, Associate Editor
Tyler Elmore, Social Media Producer
Erich Hehn, Producer
Matt Goulding & Nathan Thornburgh, Editorial Advisors
Designed by ANML
Developed by Chris Rhee

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