Minas Gerais

Bourdain’s Field Notes

Somebody shouts “GUN!” and the next thing I know Parts Unknown director Mo Fallon drops his camera, drags me to the floor of a crowded restaurant, and covers me with his body. A split second later, assistant cameraman Josh Flannigan piles on. Mo has his back to the potential shooter, shielding me. The danger passed quickly. Two car thieves, struggling with the ignition, had allowed their stolen vehicle to drift into the curb in front of the cafe where we were shooting a scene. Witnesses tried to drag them out of the car — at which point one of the thieves produced a weapon. After a tense moment the two were (wisely) allowed to flee the scene unmolested.

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“One of the fastest‑growing cities in Brazil—in the world, in fact—yet it’s still relatively unknown to the outside world.”

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