Bourdain’s Field Notes

What do “regular guys” do? I don’t know.

I’ve never been to a football game. I’ve never gone to a sports bar with a bunch of dudes. The idea of a strip club fills me with horror. (Is it a regular-guy thing to sit in front of a naked woman who—no doubt—holds you and everyone else in the room in secret contempt, while the men all around you struggle to conceal secret boners?)

Overnight hunting trips? Poker nights? Road trips? Don’t know them.

I’ve never been to a bachelor party in my life. I see people high-fiving and I generally start backing slowly toward the exit.

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“I am, above all things, a man of the people, a regular Joe, a man as moved by a simple slab of Mom’s meatloaf as I am of larks’ tongue in aspic, studded with truffles and moistened with the tears of a unicorn.”

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