Bourdain’s Field Notes

MONTANA, May 2016—You may be the most cynical, born and bred, citified lefty like me—instinctively skeptical of big concepts like “patriotism,” relatively foreign to hunting culture, unused to wide open spaces.

But spend any length of time traveling around Montana, and you will understand what all that “purple mountain majesties” is all about.
You’ll soon be wrapping yourself in the flag and yelling, “America, fuck yeah!” with an absolute and non-ironic sincerity that will take you by surprise.

You will understand why and what people fought and died for—or at least perceived themselves to be fighting and dying for—either defending Native American hunting grounds against Custer or “defending America” against foreign aggressors. And you will be stunned, stunned and silenced by the breathtaking, magnificent beauty of Montana’s wide open spaces.

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