New Mexico

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As much as I’d like to wax effusive about the delights of the Frito pie, a shamefully delightful flavor bomb that pleases in equal measure to its feeling in the hand like a steaming dog turd, I suspect what people are going to talk about when they see our New Mexico episode is the sight of me—socialist sympathizer, leftie, liberal New Yorker—gleefully hammering away with an AR-15, an instrument of mayhem and loathing that also has the distinction of being America’s favorite weapon.

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“Neither the Frito nor the Frito Pie are indigenous to New Mexico. They are actually Texan. New Mexico, you have many wonderful things. I think let Texas have this one.”

Know Before You Go

It’s Christmas year round. Ordering New Mexico’s signature chile-laden cuisine requires you to make a choice: Red or green? (It’s the state’s official question.) The handshake answer, “Christmas” gets you both. Which is hotter? That depends on the season and where the chile’s from. Which is better? That’s a debate local people have been arguing about and will continue to debate forever.

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