Lido Bar

Corner of Palma and Chile Roads, Asunción

Bourdain ate: empanadas de carne (deep-fried dough filled with beef, onion, and egg)

Dinner date: Pedro, private investigator

Dinner with Peter, a German expat


Bourdain ate: bife koygua (rice and fried beef with an egg on top), bori bori (soup made of corn and broth)

Dinner date: Peter

Mercado Cuatro


Bourdain ate: soup made from catfish; sopa paraguaya (cheesy corn soup with the texture of a cake)

Lunch date: Peter

Boat dinner

Nueva Burdeos

Bourdain ate: grilled dorado fish topped with a mango salsa and catfish

Dinner date: Peter

Late-night snack

Streets of Asunción

Bourdain ate: steak sandwich made with a thin beef layer, egg, lettuce, tomato, soy sauce, and a thin layer of cheese

Snack date: Peter

Weekend asado (barbecue)

Ranch outside Asunción

Bourdain ate: grilled beef, vegetables, chorizo morcilla (blood sausage), and beef short ribs

Dinner dates: ranching family, Peter