Bourdain’s Field Notes

People who’ve seen Eat, Pray, Love—who were inspired to come to Bali and do yoga—they have a romantic notion. They want to improve their lives in a physical and spiritual way. They would like to have an experience that they can remember.

But if you come to Bali and it looks exactly like Cancun and Miami, why the f*** get on a plane all the way to Bali? Am I bitter? Am I just old? Do I just have a predisposition, an instinctive hatred of young people? Perhaps. In the words of Baba Ram Dass, “Be here now.” But I am here now.

So this too is Bali, I guess. Or it is now.

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“By weight, how much human waste is generated by your average person on vacation? Look around you. Do the math. I want a water sample. I’m telling ya, the fecal coliform count is gonna be interesting. I’m sure there’s a metaphor here.”


Nasi telah menjadi bubur: Literally, it translates, “The rice has become a porridge/congee.”

Know Before You Go

Thanks to dedicated publishers such as Lontar, as well as a few passionate individuals, more Indonesian fiction is starting to appear in English.

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