West Texas

Bourdain’s Field Notes

I’ve been to a few places where they do have a wall. Few things are uglier or are more an indication of an utter failure of otherwise smart people to figure s*** out. Thank you for showing me this ludicrously amazing, beautiful place that has been here for thousands—if not millions—of years.

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Travel like Bourdain

Is there any beef better in the world than American beef? No, there is absolutely not. I say this as a chef, not as an American.


Ranch Water: A popular local cocktail made with tequila, lime juice, and Topo Chico sparkling water. It doesn’t taste the same with just any old sparkling water.

Howdy: Doesn’t necessarily mean “hello” in these parts, although you might say it upon walking into a bar. A Howdy is a beer.

Know Before You Go

Learn local landmarks instead of street names. Most West Texans don’t give directions in terms of street names, and, in fact, in most towns residents pick up their mail at the post office. When you ask for directions in almost any West Texas town, you usually get where you need to go with reference to the courthouse, the church, the bank, or the lone stoplight. But don’t worry—you’ll find your way. It takes a lot of effort to get lost.

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