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It was a dream come true to actually hang out with my hero and (for better or worse) early role model for the filming of the Miami episode of Parts Unknown. Now some grumpy **** is going to point out, “Wait a minute. Iggy’s not from Miami! He wasn’t born here! What the ****?”

True enough. But who in Miami WAS born in Miami? Believe me, we explore that exact issue in this episode, with people who proudly WERE born here.

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Travel like Bourdain

“If you’re looking for old Miami, original Miami, you’re looking to a great extent for black Miami.”

Know Before You Go

Lean in. The stiff American handshake doesn’t fly here. Don’t be alarmed if you get introduced to people and they lean in for un besito (a kiss on the cheek). It’s how we say hello, goodbye, and sometimes even “Nice to meet you.” (But it’s just one kiss here, not two like in Europe.)

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