Valley of Thieves

Ladron Peak

Bourdain ate: local beef with puréed green chiles, beans, potatoes, and cornbread

Lunch dates: Musician Max Manzanares; his father, actor David Manzanares; his grandfather, Herman Manzanares; and historian Dan Flores

El Taco Loco (food truck)

Bourdain ate: carne asada taco, al pastor (spit-grilled) taco, and lengua (tongue) taco

Five and Dime

58 East San Francisco Street

Bourdain ate: Frito pie

Horsemans Haven Cafe

4354 Cerrillos Road

Bourdain ate: enchilada with carne adobada (pork marinated in red chile sauce), beans and rice, pozole (hominy), sopapilla (fried pastry), and green chile salsa

Lunch date: Dan Flores

Ivan Pino’s home

Zia Pueblo

Bourdain ate: deer bone stew, red chile stew with dried elk, roasted corn, chiles, tortillas

Lunch dates: Governor of Zia Pueblo, Ivan Pino, and his family

Matanza (traditional barbecue) at Dead Horse Ranch

675 Dead Horse Ranch Road

Bourdain had: roast pork in multiple forms (tacos, stewed with beans, grilled tenderloin, etc.), beer, and margaritas

Lunch dates: Frank (owner of Poncho’s Barbecue in Albuquerque), Parts Unknown crew and their families