13 rue des Archers

Bourdain ate: sabodet (sausage made from pig’s head, tongue, and beef)

Lunch dates: Georges Reynon chef and owner of Reynon and Daniel Boulud, French chef, and owner of Dinex restaurant group that includes Daniel, Café Boulud, and Bar Boulud in New York City

Institut Paul Bocuse

1 chemin de Calabert

Bourdain ate: poulet en vessie (chicken cooked inside a pig’s bladder)

Lunch dates: Mathieu Viannay chef at Mere Braziere, Joseph Viola chef at Daniel et Denise, and Alain Ducasse chef and CEO of Ducasse Paris; all are instructors at Institut Paul Bocuse, and Boulud

Boulud’s childhood elementary school in Saint Pierre de Chandieu

Bourdain ate: pumpkin soup, fish with couscous, cheese with chocolate and orange segments

Lunch dates: Boulud, Marie (cook), schoolchildren

Le Café Comptoir Abel

25 rue Guynemer

Bourdain ate: quenelle de brochet en gratin maison(gratin dumplings)

Lunch dates: Bill Buford, former fiction editor at The New Yorker, and Boulud

Bouchon Comptoir Brunet

23 rue Claudia

Bourdain drank: Beaujolais

Lunch date: Buford

Maison Troisgros

728 route de Villerest

Bourdain ate: salmon in sorrel sauce

Lunch dates: Michel Troisgros, chef and son of Troisgros co-founder Pierre Troisgros, Cesare, Troisgros’s son, and Boulud  

Paul Bocuse Restaurant

40 rue de la Plage

Bourdain ate: soupe aux truffes noires V.G.E. (black-truffle soup named after former French President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing); loup en croûte feuilletée (sea bass in pastry crust); choron(béarnaise or hollandaise sauce made with tomato purée); pot-au-feu (French beef stew); lièvre à la royale (roasted hare)

Lunch dates: Paul Bocuse, the French chef that is considered the father of modern French cuisine, and Boulud

Bocuse’s hunting lodge

Bourdain ate: duck and pheasant   

Lunch dates: Bocuse, Bocuse’s friends, and Boulud

Boulud’s childhood home

Bourdain ate: hollowed pumpkin layered with stale country bread, nutmeg, Gruyère, mushrooms, cream, and pumpkin meat; sabodet; cabbages steamed with fermented grapes

Lunch dates: Boulud; his wife, Katherine; and his parents