The Glasgow patter is a rich, playful, and ever-developing dialect, known to linguists as West Central Scots, that you’ll hear in and around the city. To the visitor, the accent may at first be a little bit more difficult to understand than its east coast or Edinburgh counterparts, but not to worry: It is still (mostly) English on the page.

That guy over there is steamin’!

Sláinte: “For your health” in several Gaelic languages. Said as a toast or cheers.

Steamin’: Drunk.

Blether: A chat, a conversation

Happenin?: How are you doing? (Don’t pronounce the h.)

Nae bother: No worries, no problem.

That guy is a total bawbag.

Dreich: You’ll hear this a lot when the weather is wet or foul.

Baltic: A way to describe particularly cold and windy weather.

Bawbag: Scrotum, used as a phrase describing someone foolish or irritating.

Taps aff: When it’s sunny and warm enough that people to take their shirts (taps) off. It happens more often than you might think. (Here’s a handy guide to the weather dress code that you can check daily.)