Lunch outdoors in Granada

Bourdain ate: snails in almond sauce, tripe

Lunch dates: Zach Zamboni, friend and camera man; Fuen, Zamboni’s fiancée

Group dinner

Bourdain ate: bull stew with local herbs, onions, and potatoes; ham; homemade chorizo; Spanish cheese; bread with olive oil

Dinner dates: El Fandi, bullfighter; Alejandro and other friends

El Tabernáculo

27 Navas Road

Bourdain ate: sausage

Lunch date: Pedro, friend

Taberna La Tana

3 Placeta del Agua

Bourdain ate: salmon with tomato, caviar

Drink dates: Zach Zamboni and Fuen

Restaurante Oliver

12 Plaza Pescadería

Bourdain ate: mussels steamed in butter and olive oil, fried eggplant and honey, clams

Dinner dates: Zach Zamboni and Fuen

Bar Gallardo

6 Calle Pintor Rodríguez Acosta

Bourdain ate: cheese, picarones (fried pastry), lamb chops

Tapas dates: Zach Zamboni and Fuen