Café Tingis

Rue Almohades

Bourdain drank: espresso

Drink date: Jonathan Dawson, British journalist

Restaurant le Saveur de Poisson

2 Escalier Waller

Bourdain ate: fresh olives; roasted walnuts; tagine (traditional Moroccan stew with baby shark); shark kebabs; strawberries, pine nuts, and honey

Street vendor

Bourdain ate: Spanish tortilla filled with potatoes, eggs, ketchup, and mayonnaise

Dinner dates: Fulbright scholar George Bajalia and artist Zineb Benjelloun

Grand Socco market

56 rue d’Italie

Bourdain ate: fresh goat cheese wrapped in palm leaves, flatbread

Market date: photographer Cherie Nutting

Jajouka village dinner

Bourdain ate: fried dough filled with seasoned beef; spinach with garlic, cilantro, lemon, and olive oil; fruit

Dinner dates: Bachir Attar, leader of The Master Musicians of Jajouka and his family

Garden party

Bourdain ate: b’stilla (chicken or pigeon pie)

Lunch dates: Christopher Gibbs, antiques dealer; Jonathan Dawson; Baron de Corcuera Gandarillas, artist