Himalaya Restaurant

6652 Southwest Freeway

Bourdain ate: goat biryani, “Texas-Desi style” green curry chicken, steak tikka, and hunter’s beef (an “Indian-inflected pastrami” unique to Houston)

Lunch date: local radio host Sunil Thakkar

Margaret Long Wisdom High School (formerly Robert E. Lee High School)

6529 Beverly Hill Street

Bourdain ate: chicken sandwich, fries, fruit salad, and milk

Lunch dates: Jonathan Nguyen Trinh, the school’s principal, and a group of students

Dinner with Trinh’s family

Pearland, Texas

Bourdain ate: tamales de gallina; pupusas; a jellyfish, shrimp, and pork dish; mi quang (a Vietnamese noodle dish); and “Viet-bayou style” crawdads

Dinner dates: Trinh; his Salvadoran-born wife, Silvia; and some of their extended family

Burns Original BBQ

8307 De Priest Street

Bourdain had: stuffed baked potato, slow-cooked pork ribs, beef ribs, brisket, and moonshine

Lunch dates: local rapper Slim Thug and his friends David Stunts and Roderick Dearborne (aka “Red Bone”)

The Point

608 First Street, Palacios

Bourdain ate: pho with brisket, eye-round beef, meatball and tripe, ceviche with fresh shrimp, and tacos with eggs, jalapeños, and tomatoes

Dinner dates: Yen and Bryan Tran, owners of The Point, and their family

Plant It Forward Farms

4030 Willowbend Boulevard

Bourdain ate: slow-cooked stew of sausage, shrimp, dried mackerel, and Malabar spinach over fufu; and Texas beef brochettes with ratatouille

Lunch dates: Plant It Forward farmers Gertrude and Albert Lombo and Gimoule and Constant Ngouala

Sardar Patel Stadium

18413 West Bellfort Boulevard, Richmond

Bourdain ate: tandoori chicken, curried goat, and potato masala dosas

Dinner dates: Kuldeep Patel, league president of the Houston Indian Cricket Club, and other local cricket players