Bourdain’s Field Notes

PUNJAB, April, 2014—In India—Punjab in particular—the thing you notice first, the thing that stays with you, is the colors. They pop, they leap right out at you. It’s like somebody, just before you got off the plane, changed the lenses in your head, which turned up your color receptors from 7 to like 14. You completely understand why The Beatles would want to drop acid, come here, and stare at stuff. Because it’s beautiful and the colors. The colors, man, burn right through your eyeballs and into your brain. No Maharishi needed.

Recognizing this, we made sure, when setting the various color balances for this show, to jack things up, make sure that it will look for you like it looked for us. Electric. Trippy. And always beautiful.

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In the Punjab, meat or no meat, you are almost guaranteed a free‑for‑all of intense colors, flavors and spices.

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