2 Plaza San Juan, Mieres

Bourdain ate: arvejas (green peas) with ham, croquette, mussels, steak topped with blue cheese
Lunch guests: Chef JoséAndrés and others

Bar Guillermina


Bourdain had: cider and mountain fabada
Lunch guest: Andrés

Casa Lin

3 Avenida Telares, Avilés

Bourdain had: cider, sea urchin, spider crab, percebes (goose barnacles)
Lunch guest: Andrés

Juan Sobrecuerva’s cheese farm

Bourdain ate: Cabrales (a type of blue cheese)
Lunch guest: Andrés

Sidrería Asturias

36 Calle Dr. Aquilino Hurlé, Gijón

Bourdain had: bread, salami, cheese, olives, beer
Lunch guests: Andrés and the man who caught el campanu (the season’s first caught salmon) in 2014

Casa Eladia Bar

23 VV-10, Villaviciosa

Bourdain ate: pitu de caleya (chicken stew with rice)
Lunch guests: Andrés and band Pablo und Destruktion

Local fishermen’s bar


Bourdain had: orujo (pomace brandy), grilled salmon
Lunch guest: Andrés