Village Fatimata


Bourdain ate: grilled piri piri chicken and gugali

Dinner dates: Daniel McCabe, a documentarian based in the Congo, and Horeb Bulambo, McCabe’s friend and film producer

Boyoma Falls, Kisangani

Bourdain ate: tiger fish limboke (meat wrapped and steamed in banana leaf)

Dinner dates: Ogi, a Wagenia fisherman and former tour guide, Wagenia chief Pierre Musala Abeka, and residents of the village

Dinner with a fixer


Bourdain had: grilled goat, kabri (traditional goat stew), and beer

Dinner date: Christian Kilundu, a Congolese fixe

Traveling on the Congo River

Bourdain ate: coq au vin for dinner and Spam-and-egg sandwiches for breakfast

Dinner dates: McCabe and the crew