Duly’s Place Coney Island

5458 West Vernor Highway

Bourdain ate: Coney Island hot dog with chili, raw onion, and mustard on a steamed bun

Cutter’s Bar & Grill

2638 Orleans Street

Bourdain drank: vodka

Drink date: Adolph Mongo, political strategist

Pupuseria y Restaurante Salvadoreño

3149 Livernois Ave

Bourdain ate: tamales and pupusas

Lunch dates: George Azar, chef at Flowers for Vietnam and his friend Jose

Squad 3 Fire Hall

Bourdain ate: crab cakes, lamb chops, and Caesar salad

Lunch dates: Lt. Mike Devons and other firefighters

Greedy Greg’s Soul Food

14287 Seymour Street

Bourdain ate: smoked collard greens loaded with pork; macaroni and cheese

Lunch date: Charlie LeDuff, a journalist who has worked with the New York Times and Detroit News