Addis Ababa

Bourdain ate: injera bread with beyaynetu (platter of various stews)

Lunch dates: Marcus Samuelsson and Maya Haile

Turbo and tibs, at a local grocery store

Addis Ababa

Bourdain had: turbo (a mix of gin, beer, wine, and Sprite) and shekla tibs (chunks of fried beef or lamb served in a clay pot)

Dinner dates: Abenezer Temesgen, Addisu Hailemichael, Buzeyo Julien, and documentarian Sean Stromsoe—founders of Ethiopia Skate—and Samuelsson

Drinks at a local tej bet

Addis Ababa

Bourdain drank: tej, a light alcoholic drink made of fermented barley and honey

Drinks dates: Samuelsson and Haile

Dinner with Marcus Samuelsson’s family

Addis Ababa

Bourdain ate: doro wett (chicken stew) with injera bread and root vegetables

Dinner dates: Samuelsson, Samuelsson’s half-sisters, and Haile

Coffee with Maya Haile’s family


Bourdain drank: fresh coffee with salt

Coffee dates: Haile, Haile’s mother and grandmother, and Samuelsson

Feast in Haile’s village


Bourdain had: greens with berbere and ayib cheese, lamb kitfu, and whiskey

Dinner dates: Samuelsson, Haile, and residents of Haile’s home village