Lunch with Bell


Bourdain ate: grilled tilapia, ugali, Tusker beer

Lunch date: W. Kamau Bell, host of United Shades of America

Drinks with streetwear designers


Bourdain drank: beer

Lunch dates: Njeri Gikera, owner of ChilliMango clothing store; Melissa Mbugua, managing partner at MNM Consulting Africa; and Bell

Drinks with members of Kibera Creative Arts

Kibera, Nairobi

Bourdain drank: beer, ginger beer, and Coca-Cola

Drinks dates: comedian Mammito Eunice, musician Simon Okuku, and comedian Geoffrey Ochieng

Drinks with members of LGBTQ arts collective To Revolutionary Type Love


Bourdain drank: beer

Drinks dates: Kawira Mwirichia, founder of the collective; photographers Malcolm Muga and Awuor Onyango; and journalist Kevin Mwachiro

Dinner with matatu crew


Bourdain ate: beer and goat’s head soup

Dinner dates: matatu conductor Lucia Alessandra Murotto and Bell

Safari breakfast

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Bourdain ate: scrambled eggs and toast

Breakfast dates: Mike Watson, CEO of the conservancy; Faith Riunga, education officer of the conservancy; Wanjiku Kinuthia, communications officer of the conservancy; Tom Lalampaa, CEO of Northern Rangelands Trust; and Bell

Meal in a Masai village

Il Ngwesi Community

Bourdain ate: cow’s blood mixed with milk, grilled meat, and rice

Dinner dates: Masai chief Jonathan Kip, Masai elder Lela Kinyaga, and Bell