If you’re looking for a strain that doesn’t make you too tired stick to sativa, which is a head high, versus indica, which is a body high. If you don’t want one that rips so hard but is still strong try Purple Haze, because Jimi Hendrix didn’t write one of his most iconic songs about it because it sucks.


Raw organic regulars are a good pick, but you can get as fancy or as lowbrow with your papers as you want.

Some places may ask what size you want—the 1 ¼ inch is the classic, while the single wide is a smaller paper that originated in England after King James began taxing tobacco, leading people to roll smaller cigarettes.

STEP 2.5

Filters can be purchased at any head shop. A carb/crutch is usually just a piece of thicker paper on the end where you put your mouth. It can be made from a manila folder, a business card, or even a part of your rolling paper box—some packs even come with paper to make one.

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A grinder makes your whole life so much easier, but if you feel so inclined you can of course pick the weed apart with your fingers.


If you’ve purchased creaseless rolling papers make a lengthwise crease in the paper. Hold the paper in the center and pile the weed along the crease of the rolling paper. Once you have put the amount you want to put in, grab both ends and gently start to shimmy the weed so it is dispersed evenly.


Many rolling papers have a sticky substance on one edge similar to that of an envelope. Tuck the side without the sticky edge into the joint, then proceed to roll it with your thumbs until you have made a relatively tight tube. Right before you’re completely done rolling, lick the sticky part and then seal it. You should now only have one open end of the joint because the filter at the other end is tightly sealed


You can use a pen, pencil, or really anything that will fit in the end of the joint to tamp the weed down on the open end. Then just twist the end shut, and light it up.