Synopsis: In the land of free tapas, Bourdain tests the limits of Spain’s tradition of all-you-can-eat appetizers that accompany as-long-as-you’re-still-standing wine. He travels with cameraman Zach Zamboni and his fiancée, Fuen. They squeeze through the crowded parade processions of Catholicism’s Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Granada and have a relaxing meal at Fuen’s family home.

On the beauty of Spain:

“Any reasonable sentient person who looks at Spain, comes to Spain, eats in Spain, drinks in Spain—they’re going to fall in love. Otherwise there’s something deeply wrong with you.”

On Holy Week in Granada:

“To an outsider it’s an impenetrable montage of confusing yet deeply evocative images.”

On matadors:

“The matadors were the original rock stars—the very ideal of masculinity, male beauty, and grace. That runs deep. Like it or not, you should probably know this before dating a Spanish guy.”

Guests weigh in:

On matadors:

Bourdain: “Are there any, like, really ugly-a** bullfighters? Like really out of shape or with a muffin top? How do you call a muffin top?”
Alejandro (friend): “I think there’s a little— yes, there’s a little bit of everything.”

On drinking under the watchful eyes of Christ at El Tabernáculo:

Bourdain: “How drunk can you get here? Don’t you feel a little guilty for getting really drunk here?”
Pedro (friend): “Yes, of course.”
Bourdain: “Gaze away disapprovingly all you like, Jesus. I am happy now.”