After a week or two here, even confirmed carnivores like myself will fall to their knees, praying for a vegetable.


Bar Hipopotamo

Av Brasil 401, C1154AAE CABA
What Bourdain ate: Argentinian picada (nibbles)  

The delicious, delicious choripan is an iconic street food around here for reasons that are immediately obvious once you bite into one.

(Hoberman Collection / Getty Images)
(Hoberman Collection / Getty Images)

Ribera Sur

Suárez 699, La Boca
What Bourdain ate: Pizza and beer

Don Carlitos

Brandsen 699 – La Boca, Buenos Aires C1161AAM
What Bourdain ate: An empanada, beef, blood sausage

Los Talas

Av. Brigadier Juan Manuel de Rosas 1391, Jose Leon Suarez
What Bourdain ate: Parrilla, a traditional Argentine grilled meat extravaganza

Ate a lot of meat. Do you have any vegetables in this country at all?


Francis MallmannWorld-renowned fire master, whose aggressive brand of open-flame cooking has helped expand the definition of grilling. Argentina’s most famous chef.

Soledad NardelliExecutive chef of Chila, one of Buenos Aires’ most ambitious restaurants. Named “Chef of the Future” by the International Academy of Gastronomy.

One of the stereotypes is that Argentinians are too proud. That they are full of themselves, vain, proud. If this is so, why is psychotherapy so huge in this country?