Ray’s Candy Store

113 Avenue A

Bourdain had: chocolate egg cream
Lunch date: Harley Flanagan, musician


144 Second Avenue

Bourdain had: pierogies
Lunch date: Danny Fields, music manager

John V. Lindsay East River Park

FDR Drive

Bourdain had: bagels
Lunch date: Kembra Pfahler, filmmaker and performance artist

John’s of 12th Street

302 East 12th Street

Lunch date: Joe Coleman, performance artist

El Castillo de Jagua

113 Rivington Street

Lunch date: Fab 5 Freddy, hip-hop pioneer

Emilio’s Ballato

55 East Houston Street

Lunch date: Debbie Harry and Chris Stein, members of the band Blondie

Public Kitchen

221 Chrystie Street

Bourdain ate: octopus, fish
Lunch date: Lydia Lunch, musician and actor

John Lurie’s Apartment

Bourdain ate: hard-boiled eggs
Lunch date: John Lurie, painter