Dinner at Marisa Guiulfo’s home


Bourdain ate: causa (terrine of seasoned mashed potatoes) filled with crabmeat, avocado, and yellow potato; tiradito (Peruvian dish of raw fish); scallop ceviche; drum fish braised in chicha de jora(fermented corn drink); rocoto peppers stuffed with ground beef and raisins, served with paria cheese

Dinner dates: Coque Ossio, Marisa Guiulfo, Eric Ripert, Guiulfo’s friends and family

Chez Wong

Calle Enrique León García 114, Lima

Bourdain ate: octopus and flounder ceviche; tiradito of flounder with pecan, lime, ají limo chili peppers, and sesame oil

Lunch date: Eric Ripert


Avenida la Paz 1079, Lima

Bourdain had: an Amazonian lime cocktail with culantro; breadfruit with tuna and cashew sauce; scallops with wild almond and freshwater shrimp dashi; Inchcape soup made of ham, peanuts, and corn; patarashca (catfish wrapped in leaves and cooked on hot coals); paiche (a type of fish from the Amazon River) atop a palm fruit purée with a fermented yucca sauce and a chili pepper sauce made with nuts and ants

Dinner date: Eric Ripert

Anticuchos Doña Pochita

Avenida Ignacio Merino, 2316 Lince, Lima

Bourdain ate: beef heart marinated with garlic, cumin, onion, and vinegar

Dinner date: Eric Ripert

Lunch at a Peruvian market

Marañón Canyon

Bourdain ate: sopa de gallina (Peruvian hen soup)

Breakfast dates: Eric Ripert and Chris Curtin

Don Fortunato’s home

Marañón Canyon

Bourdain ate: a traditional Peruvian mountain meal, including juane (rice dumplings with boiled egg, chicken, and achiote) and roasted cuy (guinea pig) in a cacao sauce

Lunch dates: Eric Ripert, Chris Curtin, Don Fortunato, Johanna Fortunato

Don Elioberto’s home

Marañón Canyon

Bourdain had: chicken and shrimp with peppers and onions, along with mashed potatoes and traditional Aztec hot chocolate

Dinner dates: Eric Ripert, Don Elioberto