Dong Ba Market

23 Hoang Sa Street Ho Chi Minh

Bourdain ate: bún bò Huế (bone broth with lemongrass), fermented shrimp paste with rice noodles, tender beef shank, crabmeat dumplings, pig’s foot; huyết (blood cake)

Lunch date: Nguyen Qui Duc

Duyên Anh

10 Tỉnh Lộ Street, Thừa Thiên, Huế  

Bourdain ate: lobster; eel with lemongrass, green chili, and pepper

Lunch date: Dinh Hoang Linh, Bourdain’s former fixer and friend

Boi Tran’s home and gallery

Thừa Thiên, Huế

Bourdain ate: bird’s nest soup, made of swallow’s nests and served with crabmeat, crab roe, red onion, pepper, and seasoned steamed lotus seeds; lobster with red onion, ginger, lemongrass, and chiles, cooked and presented in a bowl with lime leaves and the stock poured over it

Dinner dates: Boi Tran, painter; Nguyen Qui Duc; Hương Lan, writer and food blogger; art collector Jean-François Hubert, and Philippe Damas

Lunch on the beach

Near the Vinh Moc tunnels

Bourdain ate: fish cooked on a small fire on the beach

Lunch dates: Quac Thanh, local guide and translator; Con Tac, local resident

An Hien Garden House

Nha Vuon Kim Long area

Bourdain ate: bánh xèo (rice-flour pancakes), steamed and topped with fried shallots and cassava paste and crumbled fried shrimp; bánh bột lọc (cassava or tapioca with pork and shrimp wrapped in a banana leaf); fried sticky-rice dumplings filled with shrimp

Lunch date: Hương Lan

A street vendor in Huế

Bourdain ate: cơm hến (clam rice); sweet, meaty little local clams, tossed with mung beans, white rice, spicy green chiles, crunchy roasted peanuts, fried pork rind, and cilantro

Lunch in the Huế countryside

Bourdain had: lemongrass chicken cooked in clay from nearby rice paddy, served with squash, bitter melon, and morning glory greens; Huda Beer

Dinner dates: Dinh Hoang Linh, Linh [food blogger], and Quac Thanh