Streetside bar in Pelourinho

Ladeira do Carmo, 7, Salvador, Bahia
(+71) 966 556 66

Bourdain had: beer.

Beer dates: Jayme Figura, a poet, sculptor, painter, and musician who roams the streets of the historic neighborhood of Pelo in a kind of performance art; Carlos Alberto Da Silva, translator.

Ajeum da Diáspora (Angelica’s)

Rua Amparo do Tororo, 157, Salvador, Bahia
(+55) 71 99160 8933

Bourdain ate: a crab dish.

Lunch dates: two capoeira masters, Janja is Rosangeus Costa Araujo and Paula Cristina da Silva Barreto Paulinia, who teach capoeira in classrooms and on stages.

(Photo by Erik Osterholm
(Photo by Erik Osterholm

Streetside bar in Pelourinho (A different bar than previously mentioned)

Rus Baixa dos Sapateiros, 6, Pelo, Salvador
(+71) 881 814 73

Bourdain had: beer.

Drink dates: Claudio Madureiro and Marília Hughes Guerreiro Costa, at a streetside cafe/bar on a big music and party night in the storied neighborhood of Pelo.

Acarajé da Dinha

Largo de Santana, Salvador, Bahia
(+71) 3334 17 03

Bourdain had: acarajé (a falafel-like wad of crushed black-eyed peas, seasoned with brown brine shrimp and onions, deep-fried until crispy and golden, with chili spice in dendê oil).

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A death-defying meal with Bel Borba

Bourdain had: blowfish with lemon, coriander, onion, tomato, coconut milk, and dendê oil; beer; liquor.

Blowfish date: Bel Borba, world-famous local sculptor and painter and blowfish aficionado.

Life is like a boat

Embercosa, SSA-BA, Salvador, Bahia
(+71) 81 0058 42

Tony jumps on a boat with a bunch of friends to have a beach party Salvador-style on an island off the coast of the city.

Bourdain ate: fresh fish and crab.

Where fishermen eat

Salvador, Brazil

Tony heads to a beach popular with fishermen and sits down for lunch with them and Israel ‘Maloca’ Batista, Bourdain’s head of security.

Bourdain had: beer and liquor; spicy salsa of garlic, tomato, onions, and peppers; some deep-fried little smelts; larger catch described as “big red fish”; and tuna.