The Lobster Pot

321 Commercial Street, Provincetown

Bourdain ate: Portuguese kale soup (kale, chorizo, linguica, kidney beans, and potatoes), stuffed cod

Dinner date: John Yingling, owner of Spiritus Pizza

Atlantic House

6 Masonic Place, Provincetown

Bourdain drank: beer

Drinks dates: Yingling and April Cabral, owner of Atlantic House

Old Colony Tap

323 Commercial Street, Provincetown

Bourdain had: fried scallops, Wellfleet oysters, beer, whiskey

Dinner dates: Scott Rorro, Beau Gribbin, and other Provincetown fishermen

The People’s Pint

24 Federal Street, Greenfield

Bourdain had: beer

Drinks date: Dr. Ruth Potee, a family physician in Greenfield who treats people with opioid addiction

Shady Glen

7 Avenue A, Turners Falls

Bourdain ate: New England boiled dinner (corned beef, boiled potatoes, and steamed cabbage), raspberry cream pie

Lunch dates: Ed Gregory, a photographer and Turners Falls native; Charles Garbiel, owner of Shady Glen

Brad’s Place

353 Main Street, Greenfield

Bourdain drank: coffee

Lunch date: Heather Taylor, a Greenfield resident who recovered from heroin addiction

Clambake at Turners Falls Schuetzen Verein fraternity

55 Barton Cove Road, Gill

Bourdain ate: New England clam chowder, steamer clams, lobster, corn, potatoes

Dinner dates: Ray Zukowski, leader of the Schuetzen Verein; Franklin County sheriff Chris Donelan; other members of the fraternity; and the Franklin County Opioid Safety Task Force