Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

Ngorongoro Crater
Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania
(+27) 11 809 4300

Bourdain had: breakfast.

Jaw’s Corner

Near St. Joseph’s Cathedral
Baghani St.
Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Bourdain had: coffee, mandazi (Swahili donut), bhajias (lentil fritters).

Breakfast date: Saleh Said, Zanzibari businessman and director of Pennyroyal Gibraltar resort investment group.

Forodhani Gardens Market

Forodhani Gardens
Stone Town, Zanzibar
+255 762 039 310

Bourdain ate: octopus, lobster with masala spice, chili mango, Zanzibari pizza (bread with beef, cheese, onion, mayo, egg).

(Photo by Josh Ferrell)
(Photo by Josh Ferrell)

Lake Masek picnic

Bourdain ate: penne with pesto, steamed baby corn with split peas, grilled tomatoes with parmesan, brownies, beer.

Lunch date: Colin McConnell, a fourth generation African born in Kenya, who lives in Tanzania and works as a Serengeti guide. 


Stone Town outskirts

Bourdain ate: beef on a stick, chicken (prepared with garlic, lime, coriander, ginger, salt, and pepper), tamarind-chili sauce, fries.

Dinner date: Saleh Said.

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House 48
Shangani St.
Stone Town 3661, Tanzania
(+255) 773 164 939

Bourdain ate: coconut rice; freshly caught fish, simmered in a broth of garlic and lime, topped with a fresh salad of chopped tomato, eggplant, cucumber, and potato; chapati; cassava; pan-fried mackerel.

Lunch date: Abeid Karume, musician/artist, and grandson of the first post-revolution president. 

A cool drink with a biologist

Bourdain had: amasi (lumpy yogurt drink, central to the Masai diet).

Drink date: Ingela Jansson, a Swedish field biologist for the Serengeti Lion Project.